Thursday, 21 April 2011

'Brief History of Shree Bedira-Kotaram'

'Bedira Shree Aadi Nalvar Daivashtanam' is the ultimate power-house of Shree ‘Nalvar Daivas and Iruvar Bhoothas’, situated in Kasaragod. Panjurly, Ugramoorthy, Rakthachamundhy and Vishnumoorthy are the 'Nalvar' deities. Pattam-tharassu and Kinnimaani are the 'Iruvar' Bhoothas, the invincible truth keepers. In the holy-hankering of moral-enforcement, Shree Nalvar Daivas and Iruvar Bhoothas traveled all the way from 'Dharmashtala' and rested at ‘Bedira’ and then the particular place has begun to known as ‘Bedira-Kotaram’.  The divine-army had also visited Shree Kanathur-Kotaram. 

It has been strongly believed that these Divine-truth-keepers always stay vigilant and alert for the moral up-keep and retention of societal morale and truth. The unbreakable authority of the ‘Nalvar and Iruvar’ is sturdily capable to save and punish the deserved, which has been a magical and proven fact.
The Nalvar daivashtanam has been also considered as the 'divine court', which solves the complicated affairs related to human life brought by the devotees on behalf of the 'Nalvar'. It is noticeable that, the mechanism of solving a case here is not based on any valid witness or paper-proofs or legal material, but only in the potent name of the ‘Nalvar’! The temple-head (tharavattu-karanavar) acts as the conciliator and  the blessed-sagacity of the 'karanavar' will be capable of satisfying both the petitioner and the opponent.  The miraculous power of the ‘Nalvar and Iruvar’ offers sincere consolation to the lakhs of devotees who visit from the nook and corner of the south India, with bunches of jitters, apprehensions and grief.

This unique temple is a paradigm for religious-harmony as well. People from diverse religion and caste visit and implore the ‘Aadi-Nalvar’ to resolve their complicated setbacks.
'Theyyam at Bedira Kotaram'
Bedira-Kotaram is the matriarchal nerve-center of the famous ‘Cheviri’ family. There is an inevitable bond between the Bedira-Kotaram and Shree Kundamkuzhi Panjalinkeshwara temple. Ancestral mythology points out that; it was an old Cheviri-matriarch who surprisingly happened to unveil the ‘Shivalinka’, which had been self-originated in the jungle and it lead to the incorporation of the famous Shree Kundamkuzhi Shiva temple. Thereafter, the consecrated idol-installation of Shree Kundamkuzhiyappan and Shree Thamburattiyamma was performed at the Bedira-Kotaram and the ‘holy-ornaments’ of Shree Kundakuzhiyappan ie of Lord: Shiva has been held in reserve inside the Bedire-Kotaram-chamber for years from the commencement. The holy-ornaments would be carried forward through a flourishing procession into Kundamkuzhy Shree Panjalinkeshwara temple on the first day of festival at the temple in every year. The legendary mythology divulges the legacy and legitimacy of Shree Bedira-Kotaram. 

The major festival, 'Kaliyata Mahotsavam' is held annually in February with loads of devotional customs and traditions. Different ‘Theyyas’, the divine art-forms are also being performed here. Those who are proud to be a devotee of Shree Nalvar Daivas can join hands here.

                                                 'Shree Nalvar Daivas'

'Ugramoorthy Daivangal'

'Panjurly Daivangal'
'Rakthachamundhy Daivangal'
'Vishnumoorthy Daivangal'

                                                 'Shree Iruvar Bhoothas'

'Pattamtharassu Bhootha'
'Kinnimaani Bhootha'

Route map:

   'Punaprathishtha Brahma Kalasotsavam' held in April 2011 
The managing committee members, on the Press meeting held on account of the huge devotional venture.
It was prescribed by a scientific astrologer that a comprehensive re-installation is essential to enhance the vigor and power of holy-deities at the Bedira-kotaram, to seek a fresh kick-start  to the progression of the antiquated worship-center. Committees were formed to source the fund from devotees  to spend on the improvisation of the infrastructure of the temple-premises and diversifying festival-needs. So, as per a course of prolonged planning and organizing, the 'Punaprathishtha Brahma Kalasotsavam' was performed with the electrifying presence of Brhmashree Iravil Kesava Thanthikal. Colorful devotional-procession from Kundamkuzhi Shree Panjalinkeshwara temple, 'Panjavadyam', 'Theyyam-the combination of art and devotion' are also carried out in the huge event. Thousands of devotees from across South India and every members of the Cheviri-family huddled together and celebrated with plenty of 'Thantric-performances', votive offerings, special Poojas and 'Annadanam'. After the successful completion of the fest, the vibrancy and the 'emission of positive radiation' has been raised from the re-installed deities and which caused to the profuse-flow of devotees and thereby a re-germination of the temple-fame. 

   'The Dharmadaiva-Theyyam'

'The Dharmadaiva Theyyam performed on the final day of the fest'

'Devotees to seek blessings from the Dharmadaiva Theyyam'

'The Dharmadaiva Theyyam with the Cheviri-family members' 

'Sree Vayanattu Kulavan Daivamkettu Mahotsavam in March 2012'' 
'Photo collecton of Sree Vayanat Kulavan and Kandanar Kelan Diavangal'


- Ambareesh Y M C